HAPPY GOVDAY : 2eme Sommet international de la Gouvernance à Lyon - Siège de la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes à Lyon
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Happy Gov Day : 2 days of positive impact!

December 10th – 11th, 2019

International Summit for a Responsible and Sustainable Governance, Third Edition

Plenary session, Debates, Crossed-portraits, Inspirational moments

More than 20 inspiring French and international speakers will speak to act, impact, transform around Responsible and Sustainable Governances

An international Speed-dating lunch organized between Executives & Administrators, a networking lunch, an unprecedented workshop to interrogate “our fundamental purpose”

The Trophy “The Star of the Little Princes” to reward the youth’s favorite responsible and sustainable governance

1,000 attendees are expected for the Summit HAPPY GOVDAY

HAPPY GOVDAY – PROGRAMME for Tuesday, 10th of December 2019

Hôtel de Région : 1, Esplanade François Mitterrand, 69002 Lyon

8 h – 8 h 45 :

Welcome of the attendees – Entrance in the Hémicycle


9 h 00 – 9 h 05 :


Opening: « What if our Governances were to manufacture clean and responsible! »

(Call for action from the young generation).


  • The introduction will be held by the team of Little Princes
  • Advocacy for the respect of our Planet and the impact of our business decisions. The stake is to remind ourselves of the « irreversible urgency » and take away a basket full of Useful Acting!

9 h 10 – 9 h 50 :

Dialogue with Gilles Bœuf: « Once upon a time our little cells… What if our future was written by nature! » 

Gilles Bœuf, biologist, former Director of the Natural History Museum, professor at the University Pierre-et-Marie Curie, is researcher at the Laboratory Arago at Banyuls-sur-Mer and President of the Scientific Committee of the French Agency for biodiversity.

Moderator: Christian Seychal


  • Bio inspiration, the potential offered by the living world is a vessel for immense ideas.
  • How to learn from nature, grasp its own governance, get inspired from it to create a long-lasting model? What opportunities for the ecological transition?
  • Pollution of natural environments, overexploitation of stocks, the Planet is heating too fast!
  • How to engage with those changes without triggering other changes?
  • Are we yet ready to assume its consequences, what legacy for our children?

9 h 50 – 10 h 50 :

An exceptional encounter: The Navajos « When our governances orient sustainable changes! »

 Jim Harrison Navajo Diné, Andrew Thomas Navajo Diné, singer Lorenza Garcia, artist and producer

Moderator: Didier Roche


  • Each of their decisions takes in account the 7 future generations. Their governance orients sustainable changes. In a complex, uncertain world where it is a matter of urgency to conjugate more inclusivity and reconnect with our essentials, what perspectives can we shape between our worlds?

10 h 50 – 11 h 20 :



11 h 20 – 12 h 20 :

1st DEBATEGovernance in the 21st Century: Era of the reason for being?


Introduction, filmed interview (3 mins): Serge Papin: Former Head of Système U


 Anne-Marie Hubert ; Associate Director of EY Canada, Anie Rouleau CEO BALECO (Canada), Dany Chilton Member of the Nation Atikamekw Nehirowisiw (Canada), Lucie Bourgeois CEO UMALIA (Canada), Hyppolite Dansou Head of Community Sô-Ava in Bénin.

Moderator: Éric Julien


  • Did businesses get lost?
  • Our Governances, organizations, Planet are sick. Time for meaning and commitment is to be reconstructed. The youth shouts its indignation in the street, multiplies its platforms to raise our leaders and politicians’ consciousness.
  • Between reason for being, duty or simple newsworthy opportunities, decisions are required!
  • Will the new generation make us more humanist, more responsible, more sustainable?

• 12 h 30 – 14 h 20 :

  • Lunch & unprecedented workshop with our partners « My reason for being », co-animated by our speakers Lucie BOURGEOIS and Eric JULIEN
  • Networking Cocktail opened to everyone
  • Cocktail: Meetings between Administrators & Decision Makers (upon application)
  • Interview area – Media


14 h 30 – 14 h 45 :


14 h 50 – 15 h 50 :

Opened dialogueBertrand Badré CEO of Blue Like an Orange

Moderator: Marie-Josée Gagnon


  • Isn’t more cost-efficient to think, govern, produce ecologically?
  • What economies do we wish to finance for what positive and sustainable impacts?
  • One upon a time Blue like An Orange!

15 h 50 – 16 h 00 :


16 h 00 – 16 h 50 :

What can I transmit that you can transmit too?

  • 16 h – 16 h 30:A race, an exploit, the destiny of an engaged womanNawal El Moutawakel, Member of the Marocco Parliament et Member of Olympic Games CIO
  • 16 h 30 – 16 h 50 :When the Admiral Lajous meets the Admiral Coustillière: « Transmit! »

16 h 50 – 17 h 10 :



17 h 10 – 17 h 45 :

« Bigger than us » signed by the producer Flore Vasseur – A dialogue to transmit Useful Acting «And you, what will you do?»

Moderator: Jean-Baptiste JUSOT

17 h 50 – 18 h 40 :

Large closing plenary: Be brave! Do we need courage to govern?

Elisabeth Ayrault President of the CNR, Danièle Henkel CEO Founder of Daniele Henkel Enterprises, Juliette Biao Former Minister of the Environment, Director and Regional for the African Bureau of the United Nations Program.

Moderator: Amiral Olivier Lajous


  • Do we need courage to govern?
  • It will take some of it to answer the alarm call of a youth overexposed to the world conflicts, social inequalities and climatic changes, powerless pessimists, overwhelming lobbies
  • Yet, our succession is rebel, outraged, resisting and disrupting our certainties.
  • Entrepreneurs, politics, athletes, representatives… Their fights, their engagements speak for them and inspire us to grasp the power and courage to act! 

18 h 40 :

Surprise… THE END !

HAPPY GOVDAY – PROGRAMME of Wednesday, 11th of December 2019

La Métropole de Lyon : 20, rue du Lac, 69003 Lyon

Engaging day animated around intergenerational gatherings, in partnership with the Métropôle de Lyon.
Inviting our young generation to take part in the debate and in decisions that will concern them tomorrow.

15 h – 16 h :

Partner exclusive area

Unprecedented dialogue between our speakers, Little Princes, and the Youth Metropolitan Counsel.

16 h 30 – 17 h 45 :

Registration – limited seats

Premiere of the documentary Navajo Songline in Lyon – produced by Lorenza Garcia



It is in tying ourselves to a vision of balance between humankind and nature that the story of the DINE is pictured by this documentary. Far from the postal card or the myth of the wild Indian – the Diné of red sand from Monument Valley tell us a contemporary reality and trace a modern vision that answers to our questions.

18 h – 19 h :


Debate « between tradition and modernity » in presence of the Navajo delegation (the characters), the producer Lorenza Garcia and the biologist Gilles Bœuf.


Moderator Christian Seychal


Between traditions and modernity, the ability to question the evolution of our society, of the Earth and our role for future generations will be at stake.

Our goal is to offer a meeting that encompasses wisdom and our own humanity.

Summit highlights – our Impacts!

1,000 people attending between the 10th and 11th of December

Plenary, Debates, Crossed-portraits, Inspirational moments

No empty formula, but a sharing to act, associated with true and long-lasting contacts

Innovative and pragmatic workshops to debate: what is already changing tomorrow should be prepared today!

An opened casting to the world, plural, with renewed and engaged speakers

Content, emotions, best practices, changes and paradigms

A humanist meeting with free speech at its heart!

Unprecedented and written animation, a Summit told like a story

Throughout our journey together, those who make today and tomorrow’s world: the “Little Princes” as facilitators and interviewers for our media

Speed-dating, a gathering organized between CEOs & Administrators: a networking to share and be visible

A trophy “the Star of the Little Princes”: an organization, an institution, a leader… encouraged, selected and awarded by our Little Princes for their responsible and sustainable governance.

December 10th – 11th, 2019

> 10th in the headquarters of the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes:
1 Esplanade François Mitterrand, 69002 Lyon, France

> 11th the Métropole de Lyon:
20, rue du Lac, 69003 Lyon

Orange Cyberdefense -Strategy & Public Affairs Director- Directeur de la Stratégie et des Affaires publiques

Maître de conférences à l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police (ENSP) et directeur scientifique au sein de l’Institut National des Hautes Études de la Sécurité et de la Justice (INHESJ), un établissement public placé auprès du Premier ministre français. Il a signé une dizaine d’ouvrages, dont “La Cybersécurité”. Il est Expert pour le Groupe Orange en matière de Cyberdefense (Groupe Orange)