HAPPY GOVDAY : Le 2er Sommet international de la Gouvernance à Lyon - Le 28 Novembre 2017 Siège de la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes à Lyon
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The world is facing societal challenges without precedent.

In this context, cultivate individuals’ ability, since the youngest age, to transform, act, positively govern the society in which they grow up, at their scale, their own way, is one of today’s fundamental challenges.

The economy, ecosystem, environment, the world is transforming. We need a renewal, an evolution of our governances toward the emergence of a more cognitive capitalism.

But what do these companies, new institutions, pioneers who act on their governance look like?

Does it rely on the leader’s personality, a profound desire to change the world? A new economy in the service of a sharing economy?

HAPPY GOVDAY, the International Summit on responsible and sustainable Governances

Who are these decision makers, these social innovators? These new awareness raisers, nascent communities?

Historical breakthroughs, technological mutations, environmental alerts: new practices and leaders emerge.

They try, imagine, offer more seamless organizations aiming at combining the creation of economic value with general interest.

These are not rigid governances anymore, hierarchy or repetition that orient decisions and determine success, but the capacity of each of us to foster collaboration and initiate change within more opened systems. This, to answer to societal challenges of our Century.

We call them “change makers”, social innovators, corporate citizenship… All of them which seek for balance, better and meaningful ACTION!

Their governance practices are make sense and federate their corporate life, leaders’ life, respecting the environment and ecosystem.

They all seek wholeheartedly to create a legacy for future generations that reconciles business and social; to tackle societal challenges with a more inclusive governance – in alignment with Happy Govday’s ambition.


Virginie Nogueras

Orange Cyberdefense -Strategy & Public Affairs Director- Directeur de la Stratégie et des Affaires publiques

Maître de conférences à l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police (ENSP) et directeur scientifique au sein de l’Institut National des Hautes Études de la Sécurité et de la Justice (INHESJ), un établissement public placé auprès du Premier ministre français. Il a signé une dizaine d’ouvrages, dont “La Cybersécurité”. Il est Expert pour le Groupe Orange en matière de Cyberdefense (Groupe Orange)