Khaled IGUE 
HAPPY GOVDAY : Le 2er Sommet international de la Gouvernance à Lyon - Le 28 Novembre 2017 Siège de la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes à Lyon
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Khaled IGUE 

President of Think Tank Club 2030 Africa


Khaled Igue is Beninese. He is the President of the Think Tank Club 2030 Africa which innovate in the field of ideas for a socio-economic development in African countries. He is the specialist of energetic issues, industrial and economy. He intervenes close to institutions and African government for elaboration of structuring models for socio economic emergency of the continent. Khaled Igue has joined OCP AFRICA as public and institutional partnership director after an experience at Eurogroup Consulting one of the European leaders in strategy and organisation and an experience of six years at AREVA, one of the leaders of energy industry.


“The world of tomorrow is a world of collective intelligence. Transitions that we will undergo, ecologically, demographically and digitally oblige us to think together a better world in which all different balances are slowly recovering, and where everyone find their place, this is the reason why I participate to the first Happy Gov Day edition”


Orange Cyberdefense -Strategy & Public Affairs Director- Directeur de la Stratégie et des Affaires publiques

Maître de conférences à l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police (ENSP) et directeur scientifique au sein de l’Institut National des Hautes Études de la Sécurité et de la Justice (INHESJ), un établissement public placé auprès du Premier ministre français. Il a signé une dizaine d’ouvrages, dont “La Cybersécurité”. Il est Expert pour le Groupe Orange en matière de Cyberdefense (Groupe Orange)