Happy GOVDAY | 2eme sommet international de la Gouvernance | Lyon le 27 novembre 2018
HAPPY GOVDAY : Le 2er Sommet international de la Gouvernance à Lyon - Le 28 Novembre 2017 Siège de la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes à Lyon
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Several months ago, men, women, driven by human values, progressives, and visionaries engaged upon an ambitious project: to act on the system, shake the lines and imagine tomorrow’s governance…

These free thinkers have created an event that is capable of projecting you in one day, to 2030.

HAPPY GOVDAY: 1st International Governance Summit

In a world in transition, unpredictable, brutal but fascinating, it is urgent to worry about the “correct governance” in our companies, our organisations, our territories…


Are you business leaders, decision-makers, forward-thinking, politicians, students, administrators, managers, diplomats, geopoliticians, economists?

  • Forget everything you have already seen
  • Immerse yourself in what will be your future
  • Explore the horizons with academics, artists, entrepreneurs, students (our “Petits Princes”), remarkable personalities…
  •  And, altogether, let’s build a conscious, responsible, collaborative and civil 

28th November 2017

Headquarters of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region
1 Esplanade François Mitterrand, 69002 Lyon, France